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Web Application

Penetration Testing

Identifying weaknesses including SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), we can also safeguard your database and server security.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our Smart Scan Managed Security Service will alert you to new vulnerabilities between your regular manual security tests.


Penetration Testing

From your wireless and virtual systems to your internal and external networks, our penetration testing will uncover your vulnerabilities.

Red Teaming

Enact a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation to measure how well your networks, applications, security controls and staff would fare should it ever occur.

Cloud Services


Penetration test your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Review your M365 and O365 tenants against security best practice.

Social Engineering

With phishing, pharming and BEC all commonplace, would cyberattackers outsmart unsuspecting team members?

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Our Penetration Testing Services In More Detail


From Cyber Security Testing and Security Pen Testing through to Network Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, AWS Penetration Testing and App Penetration Testing, Cognisys are one of the few Penetration Testing companies that offers it all.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing - also known as an Infrastructure Pentest - is where we assume the role of a network hacker to gain access to, or compromise, your business’s network infrastructure. Using vulnerability assessments and goal based testing, we can identify key network vulnerabilities and system weaknesses that could be abused by a hacker and damage business operations. With goal based testing, our Pentest simulates a real world attack event, based on your recommendation. You can specify a key system and our Network Penetration Testing team will attempt to compromise it using a range of attack types to show you how easy it may be.


Our Network Penetration Testing also comprises Pentest analysis techniques to aid business risk mitigation. This will help reduce any risks resulting from attacks directed at your business and its users, therefore reducing reputational damage, as well as financial damage. All information is delivered in an easy-to-understand comprehensive report dealing with each discovered threat and offers actionable advice.


Learn more about our Network Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scanning

A must add-on to Pentests for businesses of all shapes and sizes, our Vulnerability Scanning includes our Smart Scan Managed Security Service, which will alert you to new vulnerabilities between your regular manual security tests, as well as scheduled Penetration Testing. 


Our SmartScan device is configured to complement your Pentest requirements. It is shipped to your site and is set up within a matter of minutes. The Vulnerability Scanning device connects back to our Security Operations Centre in Halifax, and our Pentest team can securely engage with the device, and enact a whole range of security checks, including database checks, denial of service checks, domain name service checks, firewall checks as well as look in depth as your SMTP configuration, SNMP configuration and SSL settings. Along with detecting viruses, CGI abuses and botnet-infected systems, we’ll provide you with extensive data and reports on the health of your website, helping you to reduce risk, track changes and boost security. 


Learn more about our Vulnerability Scanning Pentests


Social Engineering

According to Proofpoint's 2019 report, ‘The Human Factor’, 99% of cyber attacks use social engineering techniques - such as phishing, baiting, pretexting and scareware - to trick users into installing malware. Even the most advanced IT managers can fall for the tricks of the malware trade, so it makes sense to assess the awareness of your team. With our Social Engineering Security Pen Testing, we can simulate real world attacks that identify any weak points in your current security procedures, and highlight areas for Cyber Security Testing, and improvements.


By attempting to “hack” your employees with Cyber Security Testing and Security Pen Testing techniques such as BEC (business email compromise), pharming, spear phishing and advance fee scams, we will gain insight into your infrastructure. We will then provide results of the Social Engineering Security Pen Testing, and recommend further steps your business should take for online security, network protection and improvement of your overall security posture.


Learn more about our Social Engineering, Cyber Security Testing and Security Pen Testing


Cloud Services Penetration Testing

Cognisys can protect your unique cloud ecosystem with AWS Penetration Testing, and penetration testing of your Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With AWS Penetration Testing for example, we’ll look at everything from Amazon RDS, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon API Gateways, along with carrying out simulated attacks to determine strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, Microsoft Azure penetration testing pentests your apps and processes within Microsoft Azure, so that weak points can be identified and risks mitigated.


With AWS Penetration Testing, Microsoft Azure Penetration Testing and Google Cloud Platform Penetration Testing from Cognisys, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your cloud services are being taken care of by one of most trusted Penetration Testing companies around.


Learn more about AWS Penetration Testing, Microsoft Azure Penetration Testing and Google Cloud Platform Penetration Testing


Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a type of Pentest that simulates a full-scope, multi-layered attack on your business’s team members, networks, applications and physical security controls to see how they would all fare against a real attack. By leveraging Social Engineering Pentests, App Penetration Testing and Network Penetration Testing, Red Teaming can reveal hazards to your hardware, software and staff, and identify possibilities for hackers to compromise business systems and networks. By uncovering vulnerabilities, Red Teaming will help to boost security measures, strengthen defences and increase security awareness of your staff. Once Red Teaming is complete, we’ll provide you with an extensive report detailing the successful and unsuccessful attack modes, recommendations for remediation and next steps in terms of security and functionality. Further Pentests may be required to ensure complete protection at every level, and our Red Teaming specialists can advise on the best course of action for this.


Learn more about Red Teaming


Web App Penetration Testing

When seeking to exploit a business, web applications are typically the first thing an attacker looks at. Exploiting web application vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery can provide attackers with a step into your operations to execute further attacks. With our App Penetration Testing, we will assess your web applications against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities to ensure you are free from known vulnerabilities, such as broken authentication, XML External Entities (XXE), Cross Site Scripting and insecure deserialisation. 


With strict adherence to the OWASP, CHECK and CREST testing methodologies, our App Penetration Testing will also provide in depth Information Leakage Analysis, Application Logic Analysis, Vulnerability Analysis, Session Management Analysis and Encryption Analysis, as well as mitigation research and reporting to highlight any vulnerabilities and suggest areas for improvements.


Learn more more Web App Penetration Testing




In 2018, it was estimated that 88% of UK businesses suffered a security breach, so if you’ve never suffered one yourself, then believe us, one is just around the corner. Then again, luckily, so are we. From infrastructure penetration testing and wireless network penetration testing through to social engineering, red teaming and vulnerability scanning, we offer a range of penetration tests to meet your business requirements and ensure your cyber security and IT security are not only working, but are fully-functional.

Our extensive penetration testing framework and methodology encompasses all aspects of your IT infrastructure, uncovering weaknesses before a cybercriminal does, and provides solutions for effective security. We deep dive into your IT systems and processes and provide a team of highly skilled and qualified testers to close the gaps that other companies can’t. Every test is overseen by a senior consultant, who, together with our award-winning team, provide a service that is unrivalled within the industry. We may have a global reach, but we always provide a personalised service to each and every one of our clients - who span a range of markets, including financial, legal, manufacturing, healthcare, IT and telecoms among many others.

Our service-led approach, exceptional reviews and industry-leading accreditations include CREST, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and IASME gold GDPR certifications. These independent awards show our service, methodology and expertise to be effective, credible and trustworthy. With Cognisys by your side, you’ll receive a service that you can depend on, every single time.

Don’t let your limitations be your limits. If you’re looking for penetration testing in Halifax, or surrounding areas including Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool and Glasgow, then please get in touch with us today on 01422 416000.

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