How would a Cyber Attacker exploit your organisation? contact us now to find out. 

The threat to your business critical systems and information is evolving on a daily basis. So are the measures employed by Cyber Attackers.

As Cyber Security specialists we can simulate an attack against your organisation using the current tools and techniques utilised by a Cyber Attacker.

Find out where your weak spots are by taking our Cyber Attack Simulation today. 


How is our Cyber Attack Simulation delivered?

Whilst attacks against infrastructure and internet facing ​applications still occur, they are not the most common form of attack today due to their complexity, low return and high detection rates. Our Cyber Attack Simulation imitates an attack against your organisation using the methods, tools and techniques as utilised by a real life Cyber Attacker. The service is delivered as follows  



Utilising the same methodologies as a real life Cyber Attacker we carry out detailed reconnaissance to build a comprehensive picture of your organisations and selected users digital footprints.



Using the information discovered during reconnaissance, we design your Cyber Attack Simulation constructing several scenarios tailored to your organisation and deploy the attack against your selected users



Once the attack is complete we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing what we discovered during reconnaissance and the results of the attack. 

Do you know how a Cyber Attacker would target your organisation?

Find out with our Cyber Attack Simulation which imitates a real life Cyber Attack against your business critical systems and information.

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