Mobile Application Security Testing. 

With over 50% of  web users accessing the Internet on

a mobile device are you confident that your Android

and iOS Apps are secure?

More than half of the worlds web traffic now comes from mobile devices.


Make sure your mobile application is protected through penetration testing.

Mobile devices are an attractive platform for developing applications for all sectors of the industry. Because of their ease of use and handling of sensitive user information, a Mobile Application Assessment is an essential exercise, designed to keep threat actors away.

Cognisys discover new attack vectors and threats against mobile devices and the apps that have been designed to
run on them, every single day.

Mobile applications are a daily part of life and its our job to find the security gaps before anybody else does.


We categorise mobile applications into two areas,
• Web services/API based applications, which are responsive for compatible interfaces, and:
• Native applications developed for a specific platform of the devices only.

Our experience involves testing on the following

• iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad),
• Android
• Windows Phone
• BlackBerry

Our assessment includes both the client and server elements utilised by the mobile app and our methodology
is in line with the OWASP mobile assessment framework.

For web service / API assessment, we utilise our web application penetration testing methodology, in line with
the OWASP application testing standard.

Our testing team also analyse the network communication protocols to ensure they follow best practices, regarding
the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit.


We will identify the web service endpoints and assess the parameters to identify privilege escalation opportunities,
error handling problems, injection flaws, broken access controls, and other web application threats.

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