Stay secure between manual security tests with SmartScan Managed Security Service.

Why should you consider SmartScan Managed Security Service?

New vulnerabilities are discovered  daily  increasing the threat to your business.

This means that the risk to your business critical information is increasing daily.

SmartScan Managed Security Service will alert you to new vulnerabilities between your regular manual security tests reducing risk. 

As time passes between manual security tests the threat to your network is increasing, you can reduce the risk to your organisation by conducting a regular scan for the latest vulnerabilities.

By conducting monthly or quarterly scans in conjunction with ad hoc scans (in the event of a major threat or after changes to your systems and infrastructure), you can significantly reduce the threat to your organisation.

Subscribing to our Managed Security Service provides you and your organisation with the following benefits:  

  • Reduced risk to your organisation - Discover vulnerabilities between manual security tests

  • No administrative impact - We conduct the testing so you don't have to

  • Proactive - We will inform you of newly disclosed critical and high risk vulnerabilities so you can call off a scan 

  • Cost effective - Peace of mind for a small cost per IP

  • Comprehensive reporting - With clear instructions on how to remediate vulnerabilities

  • Customise your report and sort by vulnerability or host with an executive summary

  • Historical SmartScan comparison highlighting changes

  • Threats: Botnets/malicious, process/antivirus auditing

  • OS local security checks Windows/Linux/MacOS - missing patches, security configuration and user management

  • Detect viruses, backdoors, CGI abuses, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes, web services linking to malicious content

  • Cisco security

  • Database checks

  • Denial of service check

  • Domain Name Service check

  • Firewall check

  • File Transfer Protocol Services


  •  SSL settings

  • Remote access configuration checks

  • SMTP configuration

  • SNMP configuration

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