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Web Application Security Testing
Are your Web Applications free from critical web application flaws as defined by the OWASP Top 10?
Lost or Stolen Laptop
How close can we get to your valuable data and your company network, should the worst happen?
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PCI Vulnerability Scanning


Achieve PCI Compliance with our managed service or supplement your risk based assessment with regular scans.

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Infrastructure Penetration Testing
Discover vulnerabilities and find out how to remediate them by conducting Infrastructure Penetration Testing.
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Cyber Attack Simulation
How susceptible are your users to a targeted Phishing Attack? Try a simulated attack to find out.
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Social Engineering
How deep into your organisation could a determined unauthorised 3rd party get? Take the test.
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Wireless Penetration Testing
Could your security countermeasures be bypassed due to vulnerabilities in your wireless network?
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Mobile Application Security Testing
Test your Android and iOS apps to ensure they are free from the OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities.

Security Testing Services.

Identify and resolve issues to

better protect your business 

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